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Give your guests the Music experience they deserve during their stay

Since the amount of variation in accommodation alternatives is increasing, the importance of differentiation is increasing too. Wi-Fi is everywhere but there is a lack of decent audio systems. Extra options like this may be the winning factor for picking your accommodation utility. Hotel Room Audio (Engineered by AquaSound®) offers integral audio systems for applications for use in hotel rooms and or bathrooms. These systems are maintenance free and ready to uses at all time. The source of the Music will always be the guests personal smart device since this contains their favorable Music and apps like spotify, Deezer or TuneIn.

From any smart device

Relax with personal Music – played from smart Phone, tablet or laptop - simply connected via Bluetooth. With a personal Music experience, your guests will feel like home very quickly.

How it Works

Each product (for every individual room) is already factored and personalized delivered. Three unique settings need to be specified, we will do the rest. These settings are:

The maximum volume will be pre- programmed. This way the guests won’t cause noise disturbance for the neighboring room but is able to enjoy high quality audio, streamed from their personal smart-device

Unique Bluetooth device name, such as ‘’Room 301’’ , ‘’Room 302’’ or ‘’ Room 412’’ but also ‘’Ter Eijk / 416’’. Everything is possible. You provide the names and we ensure we every product with its own unique ID


An unique four-digit code ensures each guest is only able to connect to the device whose code he finds in his / her room. Thus, there will never be a connection to the device in the neighboring room.





Bluetooth (4.0) technology (integrated in all products) ensures a stable a ( interference-free) sound transmission up to 10 meters. Once paired with a Smartphone or tablet your guest is able to move freely throughout the room and stream music of their choice.

12V Power Adapter

HRA products provide more than enough power to supply the average hotel room with perfect audio. All products are equipped with a stabilized power adapter of 230V / 12V.

The customers reaction

Hotels equipped with audio systems of HRA have are preferred by hotel guests. Now days Wi-Fi is standard in every room. With our systems, guests are able connect with their personal devices and enjoy high quality audio during their stay. Check below for comments of pleased guests.

3 unique solutions

There is an audio solution for every situation. Three systems with their own, unique specifications. If it’s for 1 suite or 10 to 100 hotel rooms. There is always a solution that fits your budget.

HRA Sound-bar:
With the Bluetooth sound-bar it’s very easy to quickly integrate Bluetooth audio. The sound-bar can stand on the furniture or may be mounted to the wall.

HRA Music Center:
This build in solution comes with a mini amplifier and gets mounted into the ceiling.

HRA Move:
The HRA Move is an active Bluetooth speaker. It’s the high end of our series and comes with two big speakers that provides the all high and low frequencies with very high quality.

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