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"...Music is for me
the ultimate relaxation...''
With a keen eye for detail, EZIO delivers a spectacular design and a multitude of options
which can all be customized in nearly every single detail.
"...After a day of hard work
I enjoy music even more..."
Destiny is No
Matter of Chance.
"... Now it's time to enjoy
The music of my favourite artist."
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Give your guests the music experience of 'at home'

Now that more and more alternatives are emerging in the market for residential accommodation such as 'Airbnb' and 'Bed & Breakfast', it is becoming increasingly important for hotels to increase their service level even more. WiFi is everywhere, but Bluetooth audio systems are often missing in the hotel room.

A new era has arrived .... "BYOD" is the new trend. Bring Your Own Device. The contemporary guest wants nothing more than to stream music from their own mobile device. This makes BYOD an important spearhead for your hotel, so that the guests will choose your hotel. Hotel Room Audio (engineered by AquaSound®) offers easily integrated audio systems for use in the hotel room or bathroom. These systems are maintenance-free and always 'Ready to Use'. The source is always the Smart-Device of the guest himself. After all, it contains personal songs or APPs such as Spotify, Deezer or TuneIN. This makes your guest feel at home even quicker in your hotel.

Pro-Line, completely customizable per hotel room:

Budget-Line 'Pack & Go', these systems are already preprogrammed with name and PIN; ready for immediate use:

From as little as € 79 (excl. VAT) per room.

From any Smart device

Let guests relax with their own personal music - played from smartphone, tablet or laptop - easily linked via Bluetooth protocol. With a personal music experience, your customer soon experiences “the feeling of being at home.” A recent market research* showed that the majority of hotel guests bring their own device (SmartPhone / Tablet / Laptop) to the hotel room, and increasingly used to streaming audio.

Did you know...

76.8% of the guests want to use his / her mobile as a streaming audio source within the hotel room
this 54.3% of the guests also want to be able to stream from a Tablet
63.7% of the guests want to stream audio from a laptop
69% of the guests are willing to pay € 3.50 to € 5.50 more for a hotel room with Bluetooth

In short: BYOD integration within the hospitality industry is indispensable and offers you new opportunities. Delight your guests with new 'easy-to-use' products. Read below how the HRA products work and how they can increase your added value.

* Source: www.ehotelier.com

How does it work

Every product (for each individual room) is delivered 'ex factory' personalized. Three unique settings must be specified by you... We do the rest. These settings are:

The maximum volume is set in advance. This way, a guest can never cause a nuisance in one of the neighbouring rooms, but he can optimally enjoy high quality music... streamed from his own device.

Unique Bluetooth name, for example "Room 301", "Room 302" or "Room 412", but also "Hotel BelleVue / 416". Everything is possible. You provide the names and we ensure that each product has its own unique ID.


A unique 4-digit code ensures that each guest can only connect to the device whose code he finds in his/her room. This way you can never accidentally pair with a device in a neighbouring room.






The Bluetooth (4.0) technology (integrated in all products) ensures a stable and interference-free sound transmission of up to 10 meters. Once an iPhone / SmartPhone is paired, your guest can move freely throughout the room and stream the music of his or her choice.

12V power supply

The HRA products have more than sufficient power to provide the average hotel room with perfect sound. All products are supplied with a stabilized power supply of 230V / 12v. Easy to install and safe to use with low power consumption.

What do the guests think?

Hotels that are equipped with HRA audio have an advantage for guests. Now that Wi-Fi is standard in every hotel room, the guest now also wants to enjoy high-quality sound. Read some comments below.

4 unique solutions

An audio solution is available for every situation. Four systems, each with its own specifications. Whether it's 10 hotel rooms or 1 suite. A suitable solution can always be created within your budget.

HRA Music Center:
Installation solution. A mini amplifier with 2 mini speakers. Fully integrated in the ceiling. All parts are neatly incorporated in the ceiling or rear wall.

HRA Sound-Bar:
You can integrate Bluetooth audio quickly and easily with the Sound-Bar. Standing on a cupboard or piece of furniture, or hanging against the wall.

HRA Music Center (Cha Cha):
Build-up solution. The mini amplifier with 2 small surface mounted speakers. The Mini-Box is cleverly concealed, the speakers connected to the Mini-Box.

HRA Move:
These Bluetooth speakers form the High-End solution within the product program. Two generous speakers to accurately display all details of the sound.

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