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Bluetooth Music Center (Build-in system)

The Bluetooth music center series can be seen as the budget system within the HRA range, but with premium specifications. It can be build in the ceiling or in the rear of the bed-conversion system. This system is a must have in every Hotel Room. The speakers are small (130mm) and come with an external, easily to hide amplifier. This series comes in concert, personalized (per room/ suite). Read below for more specifications about this product.









How it Works

Each product (for every individual room) is already factored and personalized delivered. Three unique settings need to be specified, we will do the rest. These settings are:



The maximum volume will be pre- programmed. This way the guests won’t cause noise disturbance for the neighboring room but is able to enjoy high quality audio, streamed from their personal smart- device.

Unique Bluetooth device name, such as ‘’Room 301’’ , ‘’Room 302’’ or ‘’ Room 412’’ but also ‘’ter Eijk / 416’’. Everything is possible. You provide the names and we ensure we ensure every product with its own unique ID.


An unique four-digit code ensures that each guest is only able to connect to the device whose code he finds in his / her room. Thus, there will never be a connection to the device in the neighboring room.


Bluetooth 3.0 technology provides a stable and interference-free sound transmission up to 10 meters. Once connected with a smart device, your guests will be free to control their audio from everywhere within the room.

12V power supply

This series characterized by combining the compact design with high power 50W (20W RMS). This power is supplied by an external power supply of 230 V / 12V. This feed can simple be passed trough the speaker hole and is easy to hide.

De speakers are quickly installed with spring clips

Your customers keep in control over their own music

Moods...Elke kleur voor elke situatie

Om de producten nog beter af te stemmen op de moods van de kamer of suite, kan er gekozen worden uit zo'n 200 kleuren. Geef

Snel geïnstalleerd

Het installeren hoeft niet langer te duren dan 8-10 minuten. Een installateur draait er z'n hand niet voor om. Zo worden de installatiekosten tot een minimum beperkt.

Plug & Play

Technische kennis is niet nodig. Deze High-End speaker set dient enkel op de stroom aangesloten te worden, in de gemaakte uitsparing geschoven te worden en vastgezet te worden middels het schroefhaak systeem. De speaker zijn direct gebruiksklaar.

Product specifications

It is important that you choose the right product with the best features for you specific purpose. Below you can compare the various sets on the main points.

3...Bluetooh Music Center

Bluetooth version

1...Bluetooth versie 4.0
2...Bluetooth versie 4.0
3...Bluetooth versie 3.0

Power (maximum):

1...70 Watt
2...25 Watt
3...50 Watt

Build in capability:

1...Inbouw (95 mm)
2...Opbouw (500 mm)
3...Inbouw (50 mm)

Budget indication:


Moisture resistant / Water proof

The Twist Speakers can withstand high humidity. They are also water resistant (IPX4). Thus they are – in addition to the hotel room – also suitable to be installed in a bathroom without any compromise on quality in the long term.

even bigger range

The range of the mini box is already very generous (up to 15 meters in open field) but sometimes it may be usefull to stretch the range a bit within the chamber walls. The optional extension kit can be used for longer ranges to contain functionality. The white atenna is mounted on the visible side of the ceiling. The mini box is out of sight.

The reaction of the managers

Hotels equipped with audio from HRA have an edge with guests. Now Wi-Fi is standard in every room , guests will now be able to enjoy high quality sound as well. Read below some comments.

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