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Bluetooth Music Center (built-in system)

This Bluetooth Music Center can be seen as the budget system within the HRA range, but with premium specifications. Built into the suspended ceiling or the rear wall of the bed conversion, this system is almost a must-have in any hotel room. Small speakers (around 130 mm) together with the compact receiver / amplifier provide a great sound experience for today's (demanding) guest. This series is delivered in consultation, personalized (per room/suite). Read below all the possibilities of this series.







Personalized per room...

Every Bluetooth audio system is supplied custom-made. This way every suite has a personalized product. And the guest in his own suite can only link to the set of which he knows the code.

The maximum volume is set in advance. A guest can never cause any nuisance in one of the neighbouring rooms, but he can optimally enjoy high quality music... streamed from his own device.

Unique Bluetooth name, for example "Room 301", "Room 302" or "Room 412", but also "Hotel Mountain view / 416". Everything is possible. You provide the names and we ensure that each Bluetooth speaker has its own unique ID.


A unique 4-digit code ensures that each guest can only connect to the speaker of which the code is found in his or her room. So you can never accidentally pair with a Bluetooth speaker in a neighbouring room.


The Bluetooth (4.0) technology ensures a stable and interference-free sound transmission of up to 10 meters. Once an iPhone / SmartPhone is connected, your guest can move freely through the entire room or suite and stream the music of his or her choice.

12V power supply

This series is characterized by combining the compact design with high power: 50 Watt (20W RMS). This power is supplied by an external power supply of 230V / 12v. This power supply can simply be pushed through the speaker hole (and placed behind the ceiling).

The speakers quickly installed through the spring clips

Stay in control

Your guest always stays 'in control'. The guest simply uses his own APPs or favorite music. The sound is always streamed to the Bluetooth Music Center in the hotel room. That is maximum enjoyment.

Moods... Every colour for every situation

To better match the products to the moods of the room or suite, you can choose from around 200 colours. So give the speaker the colour that matches the style of the room.

Installed quickly

The installation does not have to take longer than 8-10 minutes. A piece of cake for any installer. This keeps installation costs to a minimum.

Plug & Play

Technical knowledge is not required. The speakers are connected to the Mini-Box using normal speaker cords. This Mini-box in turn can be placed out of sight behind the ceiling though the same hole the speakers will be installed in. Plug in power and the system is immediately ready for use.

Product features

It is important that you choose the right product with the best features for your specific purpose. Below you can compare the different sets on the most important points:

2...Bluetooh Music Center

Bluetooth Version:

1...Bluetooth version 4.0
2...Bluetooth version 4.0

Power (maximum):

1...70 Watts
2...50 Watts

Built-in / Build-up

1...Built-in (95 mm)
2...Built-in (50 mm)

Budget indication:


Water resistant / Waterproof

The 'Twist' speakers can withstand high humidity. They are also water resistant (IPX4). As a result, they are - in addition to the hotel room - also suitable for installation in a bathroom, without compromising on quality in the long term.

Even greater range

The range of the mini-box is already very generous (up to 15 meters in the open field), but sometimes it can be useful to 'stretch' this range within the room walls. Then install the optional 'extension kit'. The white antenna is mounted on the visible side of the ceiling... the mini-box stays out of sight.

The managers' reaction

Hotels that are equipped with HRA audio have an advantage for guests. Now that Wi-Fi is standard in every hotel room, the guests also want to enjoy high-quality sound. Read some comments below.

Product specifications & Downloads

Below an overview of the most important properties of this product.

Dimensions Mini-Box: 140 x 100 x 40 mm
Bluetooth version: 4.0 (A2DP)
Power: 50 Watts (peak)
Distance: up to 15 meters (in open field)
Speakers: 130 mm (round)
Speakers: 45 mm installation depth
Speakers: 50 Watts (peak intensity)
Speakercolour: RAL 9016
Adapter: 230V / 12v (3A)

More information about this product?

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