HRA Move

Your guests are able to establish a bluetooth connection very easily

HRA Move (high-end speaker set)

The HRA Move is our High-End Bluetooth speaker. This speaker can be perfectly integrated into a suspended ceiling. HRA Move is a large speaker (about 230 mm) Which displays a perfect clear and clean sound. HRA Move comes in a set of two speakers. Read more about this product and it’s possibility’s below this page.

Your guests are able to establish a bluetooth connection very easily

Personalized for each room

Each product (for every individual room) is ready for use and factory delivered. Only three unique parameters need to be specified, we will do the rest. These settings are:

Het maximale volume wordt vooraf geprogrammeerd. Zo kan een gast nooit overlast veroorzaken bij een van de buurkamers, maar hij kan wel optimaal genieten van hoge kwaliteit muziek...gestreamd vanaf zijn eigen device.

Unique Bluetooth device name, such as ‘’Room 301’’ , ‘’Room 302’’ or ‘’ Room 412’’ but also ‘’Ter Eijk / 416’’. Everything is possible. You provide the names and we ensure we ensure every product with its own unique ID.


An unique four-digit code ensures that each guest is only able to connect to the device whose code he finds in his / her room. Thus, there will never be a connection to the device in the neighboring.


Bluetooth (4.0) technology (integrated in all products) ensures a stable a ( interference-free) sound transmission up to 10 meters. Once paired with a Smartphone or tablet your guest is able to move freely throughout the room and stream music of their choice.

24V voeding

This High-End product has a power capacity of 70Watts (40W RMS) which is delivered by an external Power source of 230V/24V. This tranformator can easily be shoved and placed behind the ceiling.

These bluetooth speaker get build in the ceiling completely

Product specifications

It is important that you choose the right product with the best features for you specific purpose. Below you can compare the various sets on the main points.

3...Bluetooh Music Center

Bluetooth version:

1...Bluetooth versie 4.0
2...Bluetooth versie 4.0
3...Bluetooth versie 3.0

Power (maximum):

1...70 Watt
2...25 Watt
3...50 Watt

Build-in / montage:

1...Inbouw (95 mm)
2...Opbouw (500 mm)
3...Inbouw (50 mm)

Budget indication:


Rear Panel connections

AUX Jack is provided so external devices whit no Bluetooth function also can be connected. When a Bluetooth connection gets established, the AUX connection gets deactivated automatically. In addition a speaker connector (red – black) are provided for connecting the second speaker.

High -lights front side

Refine the bass. The positions switch, additional bass reproduction is displayed at low volume. In addition, the tweeter (treble) can be extra modified to fit preferences of the user. The speakers are able to be tuned and specified for every room. The speaker grill is using 8 mini magnets holding the firm in place, but lends itself to do small adjustments behind the grill easily and fast.

Quickly installed

The installation time will only tact 8 till 10 minutes and is very easy. This way costs for installation will be reduced.

Plug & Play

Technical knowledge is not necessary. Just plug in and the Sound Bar is ready for use. Connect with Bluetooth and you are ready to go.

De High-End speaker 'in actie'

Moisture resistant

The Move speakers are Moisture resistant. The plastic housing combined with a Kevlar cone and 3x coated grille ensure that the speakers also just keep doing its job under difficult circumstances.

Moods…. create the perfect match

Each speaker in the right color, that suits the room. This is possible with ‘Moods. Choice over 200 colors is available to fit the speakers to the room just to give that extra exclusive touch.

The reaction of the managers

Hotels equipped with audio from HRA have an edge with guests. Now Wi-Fi is standard in every room , guests now also will be able to enjoy high quality sound as well. Read some comments below.

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