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Bluetooth built-in speaker set (High-End)

This High-End Bluetooth speaker can be perfectly installed in a suspended ceiling. The generous speakers (230 mm, round) will perfectly reproduce the sound, from the deepest bass to the highest tones. A speaker set that will feel great at home in any hotel room or suite. Your guest will quickly feel 'at home'. This High-End series is delivered personalized (per room). Read all the possibilities of this series below.

Your guest can quickly and easily establish the Bluetooth connection.

Personalized parameters per room or suite

Each High-End speaker set is supplied in a personalized manner. This way every suite has a personalized product. In this way, the guest in his own suite can only link to the set whose code he sees in the suite.

The maximum volume is pre-programmed. A guest can never cause any nuisance in one of the neighbouring rooms, but he can optimally enjoy high quality music... streamed from his own device.

Unique Bluetooth name, for example "Room 301", "Room 302" or "Room 412", but also "Hotel Westworth 416". Everything is possible. You provide the names and we ensure that each Bluetooth system has its own unique ID.


A unique 4-digit code ensures that each guest can only link to that system for which the code is found in his or her room. This way you can never accidentally connect to a system in a neighbouring room.


The Bluetooth (4.0) technology ensures a stable and interference-free sound transmission of up to 10 meters. Once an iPhone or SmartPhone is connected, your guest can move freely through the entire room/suite and stream the music of his or her choice.

24V power supply

This High-End series has a capacity of 70 Watts (40W RMS). This power is supplied by an external power supply of 230V / 24v. This transformer can simply be slid through the speaker hole (and placed behind the ceiling).

The Bluetooth speakers are placed entirely inside the ceiling.

Product features

It is important that you choose the right product with the best features for your specific purpose. Below you can compare the different sets on the most important points:

3...Bluetooh Music Center

Bluetooth Version:

1...Bluetooth version 4.0
2...Bluetooth version 4.0
3...Bluetooth version 3.0

Power (maximal):

1...70 Watts
2...25 Watts
3...50 Watts

Build-on / Built-in:

1...Built-in (95 mm)
2...Build-on (500 mm)
3...Built-in (50 mm)

Budget indication:


Rear connections

An AUX connection (Auto-select) is provided to output the sound from external devices. If a Bluetooth connection is active, this AUX connection is automatically deactivated. In addition, a speaker connector (red-black) is provided. A second (passive) speaker is connected to this.

Highlights frontside

Refine the bass. With the 3-position switch extra bass reproduction can be added at low volume. In addition, the tweeter (for the treble reproduction) can be directed extra towards the user. In this way the speakers can be adjusted extra for each room. The speaker grille is held firmly in place by 8 mini-magnets, but is excellent for quick little adjustments behind the grille.

Installed quickly

The installation does not have to take longer than 8-10 minutes. A piece of cake for any installer. This keeps installation costs to a minimum.

Plug & Play

Technical knowledge is not required. This High-End speaker set only needs to be connected to the power, inserted into the hole made for it and secured using the screw hook system. The speakers are immediately ready for use.

The High-End speaker 'in action'

Moisture resistant

The High-End speakers are moisture-resistant. The plastic housing, combined with a Kevlar cone and the 3x coated grille, ensure that the speakers continue to do their work even under harsh conditions.

Moods... create the perfect match

Each speaker the right color that fits the room exactly. That is possible with 'Moods'. Choose from more than 200 colours. The speakers will become one with the room. Create an exclusive atmosphere.

The managers' reaction

Hotels that are equipped with HRA audio have an advantage for guests. Now that Wi-Fi is standard in every hotel room, the guest now also wants to enjoy high-quality sound. Read some comments below.

Product specifications

Below an overview of the most important properties of this product.

Size: 230 mm (round)
Hole size: 210 mm (round)
Bluetooth version: 4.0 (A2DP)
Power: 70 Watts @ 8 Ohm (peak)
Frequency Range: 65Hz to 20kHz
Range: up to 15 meters (in open field)
Installation depth: 95 mm
Speaker color: RAL 9010
Adapter: 230V / 24v (3A)

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