HRA Sound-Bar

Give your guest the music experience from home.

Bluetooth Sound-Bar

This Bluetooth Sound-Bar is the central point in the hotel room. Bluetooth is the standard protocol to allow your guests to enjoy streaming music optimally, from his / her personal Smartdevice. Whether that is Spotify, TuneIN radio or Deezer. This Sound bar will make the music sound refined - but not too loud. And your guest? He or she will feel completely at home within an instant.

Give your guest the music experience of being at home.

The maximum volume is pre-programmed. This way, a guest can never cause a nuisance in one of the neighbouring rooms, but he can optimally enjoy high quality music... streamed from his own device.

Unique Bluetooth name, for example "Room 301", "Room 302" or "Room 412", but also "Hotel Ter Eijk / 416". Everything is possible. You provide the names and we ensure that every Sound-Bar has its own unique ID.


A PIN code is not required. When switching on the Sound-Bar, the guest can connect directly, without code. If there is no Bluetooth streaming for 15 minutes, the Sound-Bar switches off automatically. After switching on again, the Sound-Bar will link directly to the last known device.

Sound-Bar as an eye catcher

A stylish design. With its length of 50 cm, the Sound-bar can act as an eye-catcher in any hotel room... mounted on a wall, or standing on a cupboard or desk.


The Bluetooth (4.0) technology ensures a stable and interference-free sound transmission of up to 10 meters. Once an iPhone / SmartPhone is paired, your guest can move freely throughout the room and stream the music of his or her choice.



An AUX (auto-select) connection is provided. An external source, for example a TV, can be connected to this. If no Bluetooth connection has been made, the Sound-Bar will output the sound from the AUX.

12V power supply

The Sound-Bar has a capacity of 25 watts. This power is supplied by a stabilized power supply of 230V / 12v. Optionally, a built-in adapter is available to preserve the minimalist look of the Sound-Bar.

Sound-Bar mounted against the wall in 'landscape' orientation

What is the experience of the managers

Installed quickly

The installation does not have to take longer than 8-10 minutes. A piece of cake for any installer. This keeps installation costs to a minimum.

Plug & Play

Technical knowledge is not required. Simply connect the Sound-Bar to the power supply and the device is immediately ready for use. You can establish a Bluetooth connection to test the device immediately.

The Sound-Bar stylishly placed on the bedside table

Wall mounting

Place the Sound-Bar horizontally or vertically against the wall. This way the best position can always be created easily.

Standing placement

Place the Sound-Bar horizontally or vertically on the base. The Sound-Bar easily finds its place at every possible location. In short: 1 product with 4 options.


Waterproof Sound-Bar

The Sound-Bar is waterproof, (class: IPX4). Aluminum parts combined with a grille that is extra painted, but also the silicone push buttons, ensure trouble-free use in damp rooms such as the bathroom. Operating this Sound-Bar with wet hands is no problem.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

This Bluetooth Sound-Bar gives the guest even more sense of freedom and gives more content to the BYOD trend. The guest can easily link his own Smart device to products that you make available within the walls of the suite or room. And you generate more guest satisfaction in a simple way.

Product specifications & Downloads

Below an overview of the most important properties of this product.

Dimensions: 500 x 85 x 80 mm
Stand: 4 positions
Bluetooth version: 4.0 (A2DP)
Power: 25 Watts (peak)
Range: 20Hz tot 22kHz
Distance: up to 12 meters (in open field)
Speaker colour: RAL 9016
Adapter: 230V / 12v (2,5A) block adapter; optional recessed adapter: 230V / 12 (2A)

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