HRA Sound-Bar

Give your guest the music experience they deserve

Bluetooth Sound-Bar

The Bluetooth Sound-Bar forms the central point in the room. Bluetooth is the key factor that is used for streaming music from the personal Smart Devices. This way your guests are able to enjoy their own preferred songs , artists and playlists from their own Smart devices and apps like Spotify, TuneIn Radio or Deezer. The music will be streamed directly to the Sound-Bar which will display a very clean and solid sound on pleasant volume which is not to hard and not to soft. And your guests? They will feel like home very quickly.

Give your guests the music experience they deserve

The maximum volume capability will be preprogrammed. This way there won’t be any noise disturbance from neighbor rooms. Your guests is able to stream audio only to the soundsystem in their own room.

Unique Bluetooth device name, such as ‘’Room 301’’ , ‘’Room 302’’ or ‘’ Room 412’’ but also ‘’Ter Eijk / 416’’. Everything is possible. You provide the names and we ensure we ensure every product with its own unique ID.


An unique four-digit code ensures that each guest is only able to connect to the device whose code he finds in his / her room. Thus, there will never be a connection to the device in the neighboring room.

Sound-Bar as Eyecatcher

A very fashionable design. With its length of 50 and style full designed appearance the Sound-Bar will be an eyecatcher in every room. It can be attached to a wall or be places on the furniture.


Bluetooth (4.0) technology (integrated in all products) ensures a stable a ( interference-free) sound transmission up to 10 meters. Once paired with a Smartphone or tablet your guest is able to move freely throughout the room and stream music of their choice.



An Aux jack makes it possible to connect with external sources who don’t support Bluetooth like a television for example. If there is no Bluetooth connection detected, the Sound Bar will display audio via Aux.

12V voeding

The Sound bar has a sound power of 25 Watt which is delivered by a stabilized adapters of 230 V / 12V . A build in adapter is optional for maintaining the solid appearance of the Sound Bar.

Sound-Bar montaged to the wall in 'landscape' mode

The reaction of the managers

Quickly installed

The installation time will only tact 8 till 10 minutes and is very easy. This way costs for installation will be reduced.

Plug & Play

Technical knowledge is not necessary. Just plug in and the Sound Bar is ready for use. Connect with Bluetooth and you are ready to go.

De Sound-Bar placed on the furniture

Attached to the wall

The sound bar can be attached to the wall vertically or horizontally.

Standing position

Place the Sound Bar horizontally or vertically on the foot . On every possible takes place the Sound Bar is a simple place . In short ... 1 product .... 4 product capabilities.



The Sound Bar is waterproof (class IPX4). Alluminium parts combined with a grill that is extra lacquered. The silicone buttons ensure trouble free use in wet areas such as bathrooms. The Sound Bar is fully functional when controlling with wet hands.

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